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Soalan Lazim – 常问问题 – 자주 묻는 질문


How do I enrol?

Step 1: Call or email us with your courses of interest! Email: contact@iseodang.com
Tel: 011-1112-3433 (within our opening hours)

Step 2: We will let you know the prices and information according to your requests. If all is agreeable with you, we will email you the invoice and a registration form to fill up.

Step 3: Reply to the email with your filled-up form, any form of ID (with your face, name, and birthday), and Bank Transfer Receipt.

Your registration is confirmed once the payment has been approved, and we will schedule your first lesson with you!

Alternatively, you can also head down to iSeodang at Skudai, Johor to register.

* Currently, the accepted forms of payment are Bank Transfer and Cash only.

* Please note that you cannot have your lessons on the day of your registration because we would need time to do the administrative work.

Do you accept walk-in appointments?

All our lessons are on an appointment basis only. Walk-in appointments are not accepted as our staff may be scheduled to conduct lectures at other venues.

You can call us at 011-1112-3433 anytime within our opening hours to schedule your lessons!

Are there other branches aside from the one in Skudai, Johor?

We are in the midst of expanding to different areas but our centre is currently located only in Skudai.

Fees & Costs

Is there a free trial I can go for?

Yes, we are currently having a promotion! All new-comers (non-current iSeodang student) are eligible for a FREE trial lesson!

For more details: http://iseodang.com/blog/promotions/

Are there school materials that I need to purchase?

Yes, different courses require different books which you can buy at iSeodang.

Alternatively, you can pay for just the printing cost of the photocopied version which is cheaper.

PROMO: First 50 registers will get their learning materials fully covered by iSeodang! Find out more at: <page coming soon!> or contact us.

Why don't you put your prices on the website?

Flexible lessons and schedules ensure our students get the best price by paying for only what they need. Thus, our prices are not fixed, but each student is billed according to their study schedule.

You can call us directly at 011-1112 3433, or email us at contact@iseodang.com, to ask about the prices.

What forms of payments do you accept?

Currently, we only accept Cash and Bank Transfers. We will introduce more modes of payments soon.

I've paid for the month's classes but I have a change of plans, can I get a refund?

We can provide a refund for classes you have paid for but have not attended yet. However, refunds will be unavailable if you’ve already taken half or more of the paid classes.

For example, you’ve paid for the month that has 4 classes in it and you’ve taken 1 of them; we can refund you the fee for the 3 classes. However, if you’ve already taken 2 out of the 4 classes, then refunds will be unavailable.


Are the tutors native Korean?

Yes, most of them are. Tutors who teach in their own native language can be helpful in picking out small mispronunciations and introducing cultural slangs.

Please be assured that our local tutors are also equally qualified.

Do you have local tutors?

Yes, we do. If you prefer a local tutor, you can let us know; we will arrange according to availability.

Can I choose which tutor I want to study with?

Yes, you can as long as the tutor is available and they are compatible with the course you wish to enrol.

Will I be seeing the same tutor for every class?

Yes, usually. However, in the case of medical or personal leave, a substitute may take over temporarily. Tutors may also change depending on the subject.

Class environment

How are the classes conducted?

Usually, classes are conducted in a group of  4 ~ 7 students at our tuition centre located at SkudaiWe also offer One-to-one private tutoring and Express classes upon request.

Students are also open to online consultations, lectures, and learning resources to practice in the comfort of their home.

You can check out all the options of classes available at iSeodang here: <page coming soon!>

How long are the lessons?

Each lesson takes up to 2 hours.

Can I extend my lessons for another hour?

You can request this only for your online consultations, or if you are in a One-to-one or Express class. Do inform us of your schedule ahead of time so that we can check the availability.

Can I ask questions even after classes?

Yes, you can still ask a few questions even though the 2-hour class is up.

However, please understand that the tutors may have the next class to attend to, and may not be able to finish answering all the questions. You can still ask them in the next lesson or in an online consultation.

Something cropped up, can I cancel my class? Will I be one lesson behind everyone?

Let us know as soon as possible; at least 6 hours before your appointment. Canceling in less than 6 hours will be fined RM10.

We will be able to give you the timeslots of another class of the same level as you in that same week. For example, if you missed your class on Monday, you can choose to attend the next class on Wednesday or Thursday. If you aren’t able to make it the whole week, it will have to be resolved on a case by case basis.

Is there an option for online classes?

Although we do not have an online-only class, we do have online consultations which are available for all courses except Korean Business Communication.

These consultations are held 3 times per week, up to 30mins per consultation. The timings are to be arranged between you and your tutor, according to each of your availability.

You can use these consultations to ask questions that you had during the main classes, or as practice!

How will the online consultations be conducted?

Online consultations are conducted via video calls using Whatsapp, Signal, or any other preferred video-calling applications.

You can use these consultations to ask questions that you had during the main classes, or as practice!

Will the classes be conducted in Korean?

Classes will start off in English! As your class advances higher, the lessons will be conducted in Korean, because we believe proficiency comes with lots of listening and practising! Don’t worry, you are free to ask if you have difficulty understanding something.

Do you also teach Korean in Chinese?

Yes, we do! We have native Korean tutors with HSK* level 3 and above.

*HSK is a Chinese Language Proficiency Certification

Can I request for a personal group of my own friends to form the class?

Sure! With a minimum of 4 friends, and you can have a class of your own!

Do you offer group lectures for events?

With a minimum of 25 attendees, we can provide lectures at the venue of your choice. For groups with less than 25 attendees, the lectures will be conducted at our selected venue.


If I apply for the iSeodang Standard Class, must I start from Basic Term?

Not necessarily! If you wish to start from a higher level, you are required to take a proficiency test to ensure your knowledge of Hangul is enough to understand the lessons.

This test is to be conducted at iSeodang centre in the format of fill-in-the-blanks. From the results of the test, iSeodang will determine the highest course level you can take, in which you can choose to accept or reject.

You can request for a re-test, but there will be an administration fee of RM50 charged for every re-test.

Can I sign up for multiple classes at once?

Yes, you can. For example, you are free to take on other courses, such as K-Wave, while taking iSeodang Standard.

Can I apply for extra supplementary classes?

At iSeodang, supplementary classes are not available for application. They are a requirement for those who have failed the exams twice at any level of the Standard course.

If you need extra help, we provide online consultations where you can ask questions or use as practice. If you are in a hurry to learn quickly, you can opt for the Express class which allows you a personal tutor and 2 lessons per week.

Check out your course options at iSeodang here: <page coming soon!>

Can anyone apply for the K-Wave course?

Eligible applicants must either finish the iSeodang Standard course’s Basic term OR pass the proficiency test for K-Wave course (free).

The test will be in the format of fill-in-the-blanks, to ensure your knowledge of Hangul is enough to understand the lessons.

If you fail the test, you are required to finish the Basic term first. Alternatively, you can request for a re-test at an administrative charge of RM50.

Do you conduct official TOPIK examinations?

No, we do not. Official TOPIK examinations are controlled by National Institute for International Education (NIIED) and conducted by Korean Embassies and Korean Culture Centres outside of South Korea.

In iSeodang’s TOPIK course, we tutor and prepare students for the actual TOPIK exam by conducting mock examinations and consultations.

Do you teach other subjects aside from Korean?

Yes, we also offer standard school subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and English.

Will there be a certificate when I complete the course?

Yes, you will be presented with a certificate for every level of the Standard course you complete (Basic, Beginner, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, and Advanced). This certificate is only an acknowledgment of your completion of the course level at iSeodang.

Other courses do not include a certificate.


Something cropped up can I cancel my class?

Yes, please inform us at least 6 hours before the appointment. There will be a late cancellation fee of 10RM for any cancellations made in less than 6 hours.

Can I reschedule my cancelled lessons?

Yes, we will reimburse you with a 1-hour lesson. Does not apply for late cancellations.

What are the time slots for rescheduling cancelled lessons?

Any cancelled lessons must be rescheduled in the same week of the original lesson.

e.g. You missed lessons on Monday, you may choose to make up for the lost class on Wednesday or Thursday in the same week.


For private lessons you may apply for a date within 2 weeks from the last lesson you paid.


We are an authentic Korean shop, can you give us a review post on your website?

Sure! Please drop us an email at contact@iseodang.com to discuss further.

Still have some questions?

Call us directly and our friendly support team will give their best to answer all your questions.
– Jacob

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