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The Korean alphabet, which King Sejong proclaimed in 1446.

King Sejong created letters that allowed verbal communications to be written down in words.

Why did King Sejong create Hangeul at a time where the Chinese letters were the symbol of the noble?

There are many reasons. But among them, the most important reason was his love for his people.

King Sejong the Great who loved books thought that using the book was the most effective way to edify the people. So he tried to teach the principles to his people using the book.


People at that time did not know how to read the Chinese letters so they could not understand the principles /rules and regulations, so they did not know what kind of sin they have committed.

Furthermore, when faced in an unfair circumstance, they could not appeal their rights.

In addition, the officials made wrong judgements as they, too, could not fully understand the documents which were written in Chinese.

King Sejong published comic books (Samganghaengsildo ) for his people who did not know how to read the Chinese letters. However, there wasn’t any speech bubble in the comic book. As a result,  the message and the meaning could not get across. Furthermore, the speech bubble itself had to be written in Chinese letters so the people couldn’t understand.


By seeing these things happening to his people, King Sejong felt sad thus he decided to create new letters that was easier for the people to learn.

After researching for a long period of time, the Korean words were finally made into letters that could be written down as words. —Hanguel

After the establishment of Hangul, Sejong worked with scholars at Jiphyeonjeon

for two years and nine months, and then published the ‘hunminjeongum haeraebon’ in 1446 in the late September of the Lunar New Year.

한글, 그 속에는 세종대왕의 애민정신이 깃들어 있다.

The Korean alphabet, contains King Sejong’s boundless love for his people.