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Have you ever heard about Suneung?

The word Suneung is familiar to Koreans. It’s a test for those who aim to go into a university. There is SAT in America, GED in Canada, and STA in Korea. 15th November 2018 it is a very important day for Korean students aiming to go into a university.

So, then what is ‘ Suneng’?

If we look at the dictionary, The exact definition of ‘ suneng’ is CSAT, College Scholastic Ability Test.

College Scholastic Ability Test (修大學學能力試驗, College Scholastic’s Ability Test / CSAT ), daesuneung , SAT is year 1994from the Republic of Korea as an introduction to the college entrance examination of the University in mathematics can be the ability to test it. Those who have the same level of education as high school graduates, such as high school graduates, graduates, and those who have passed the GED exam, can take the examination. Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation . It will take place on the third Thursday of November.

In Korea, it is essential to go through the 6 years of primary education and 3 years of secondary. 

On average, the CSAT is a day when a student’s 12 years of study is assessed in just six hours. Therefore, it is considered a special day not only for students taking the test but also for parents whose children are taking the test. Usually, South Korea presents students taking the CSAT with things like ‘yeot’ and glutinous rice cakes on the day of the CSAT, with the meaning of getting into college like the tenacity of the yeot and glutinous rice cakes.

In addition, the day of the CSAT cannot be passed without passing on the common belief that eating seaweed soup will make you lose your grip on the test, or that if you eat something else, you will not be able to pass it.

As CSAT is a test that evaluates many things within a short period of time, to korean students, CSAT is a burden as they regard CSAT as their whole life. However, we want to tell students out there sitting for the CSAT that CSAT is not all in life. Life is short, it is a not enough to live doing what one wants to do. 

Hoping that the day of the CSAT will be like a stepping stone for the future,

Dear students taking the CSAT, iseodang supports your dreams and effort.