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You will probable encounter more people who speak English at the airport than at any other place in Korea. Should you need to speak to someone in Korean, the following are essential words and pharases to help you get to where you need to go.
Where are the restaurants?
식당 어디에 있어요?
Sheek-ddahng aw-dee-ay ee-ssaw-yo?
They are over there.
저쪽에 있어요
Jaw-jjo-gay ee-saw-yo
Where can I take an express bus?
리무진 버스 어디서 타요?
Lee-moo-jeen baw-sseu aw-dee-saw tah-yo?
You will see the bus stop if you go out gate 11.
11번 게이트로 나가시면 있어요
Shee-beel-bawn gay-ee-teu-ro nah-gah-shee- myuhn ee-ssaw-yo.


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