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What day is ‘Hangeul Day’?

‘Hangeul Day’ is observed on 9th October. It marks the invention and proclamation of the Korean alphabet in 1446. Hangeul Day, or Hangeul Proclamation Day, is a public holiday celebrated in South Korea. The purpose of Hangeul Day is to celebrate the formation of the Korean alphabet, or hangeul. This is a day of pride and historical reflection for many South Koreans. The decision to implement the hangeul alphabet has had many effects on the state of South Korea.

The History of ‘Hangeul Day’


10th Apr 1397

The birth of Lee do ( Sejong the Great )

Lee do is the real name of Sejong the Great.


10th Sep 1446

The proclamation of ‘Hunminjeongeum’

‘Hunminjeongeum’ is a document describing an entirely new and native script for the Korean language.


29th Sep 1926

The designation of the First ‘Gagyanal’

The Hangeul Day was created in 1924 in an effort to celebrate the 480th anniversary of the invention of hangeul and to preserve the Korean letters.


29th Sep 1928

The title was changed to ‘the Hangeul Day’

‘The Korean Language Society’ published the magazine ‘Hangeul’, after that, every year september 29 of the lunar calendar is designated as the Hangeul Day.


29th Oct 1931

The date of ‘Hangeul Day’ changed to solar calendar

29th September 1931 in lunar calendar was changed to 28th October in the solar calender.

Jul 1940

The Discovery of ‘Hunminjeongeum hyerae’

‘Hunminjeongeum hyerae’ was discovered in 1940. ‘Hunminjeongeum hyerae’ explains the principle of letters, ‘Hangeul’ and the reason of creating them. Through this discovery, ‘Hangeul’ was acknowledged as the most convenient and scientific letter.


10th Sep 1946

The 500th anniversary of the invention of ‘Hangeul’

After Korea’s liberation from Japan, October 9 of the Gregorian calendar was confirmed as Hangeul Day, and from 9th October 1946, the 500th anniversary of the invention of Hangeul, a nationwide memorial event was held.


15th Jun 1970

Oct 1997

The ‘Hangeul Day’  was designated as holiday

On June 15, 1970, the Presidential Decree designated Hangeul Day as a legal holiday.

The registration of ‘Hunminjeongeum hyerae’ to UNESCO

In October 1997, ‘Hunminjeongeum hyerae’ was listed as a UNESCO Memory of the World.