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The first step in learning the Korean language is to be familiar with the Korean alphabets. Just by knowing the Korean alphabets, you will have no problem in reading korean words, even though you may not know what they mean! Furthermore, it is very easy to learn these Korean alphabets.

Korean alphabets ‘Hangul’ consists of 24 letters, and each of them have similar sound with the English alphabets.

Does it look confusing and complicated?

Let’s practice with the word ‘한글’. We pronounce the letters from top to bottom, left to right. So it should go something like this:

‘ㅎ’ sounds like ‘h’;

‘ㅏ’ sounds like ‘a’;

‘ㄴ’ sounds like ‘n’;

‘ㄱ’ sounds like ‘g’;

‘ㅡ’ sounds like ‘u’;

‘ㄹ’ sounds like ‘l’;

so, if we combine these english letters, it would be ‘hangul’.


It’s very easy to learn Korean, isn’t it?


If you want to pronounce ‘한글’ like a native speaker, our teachers at iSeodang can guide you through and provide live examples. So come join us 🙂