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How to Use the Squared manuscript paper

  1. Write one letter in each column.
  2. When beginning a sentence or changing paragraph, empty the first column of the line and write the second column.
  3. The first column shall not be empty in one paragraph except for the first one. If there is no blank space at the end of the line, write it from the beginning of the next line (with or without V marking).
  4. Arabic numerals are written two characters each in column.
  5. In principle, punctuation marks shall be displayed in one column. However, the line (-), the ellipsis (…)…) is written in two columns.
  6. Empty one space after question marks (?) and exclamation points (!). However, it is not necessary to empty the space after the period (.), the comma (,), and the colon (:), and the semicolon (;).
  7. When there is no space for the last space to be used for sentence symbols, place the punctuation mark with the letter in the last column.

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