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Enrol in our Overseas Study Programme and get a chance to travel to Korea to study their language in prestigious universities


Prestigious Universities

Select from a list of Korean Universities that you’d like to study in. More to come!


Flexible Programmes

Either enrol in the well established programmes curated by the universities or request for more specific classes

Native Professors

Expect only the best Korean Language professors with many years of experience in teaching to tutor you


Study Visas

Don’t fret over visa matters, our programme includes aid for students who require travel visas for entry into Korea


International Classmates

Meet like-minded people looking to learn the Korean language from all around the world


Student Lodings

Get to stay in student lodgings in campus and get the full student experience in Korea


Group packages

SGoing together as a group? The more the merrier! Enrol in a group and get access to group packages

Your University Your Choice 

Select from the universities below

Chonnam National University [ 전남대학교 ]

Located in Gwanju, South West of Korea, the 6th biggest city in Korea.

The Chonnam National University was founded in 1952. Being globally renowned, its’ student body comprises of varying nationalities from 75 countries.

KONKUK University [ 건국대학교 ]

Located in Seoul and Chunju.

First founded and established in 1946 as Chosun School of Politics [조선정치학관]. Thirteen years later in 1959, it changed its name to Konkuk [建國], which means a founding nation.

More coming soon!

Stay tuned to for more university choices!

What makes you study in Korea?-1-

What makes you study in Korea?-1-

Systematic support programs from the government Compared with English speaking countries (like the UK and the USA) or Japan, Korea has lower tuition fees, living costs and also well-prepared scholarship programs for international students. The Korean government has...