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Standard Course Curriculum

Kurikulum – 课程 – 과정
Basic Term
4 hours 8 Lessons

Hangul Hangul 1 – Introducing Hangul-Korean alphabets
Numbers Hangul 2 – How to read numbers in Korean
Grammar Hangul 3 – Korean sentence structures
Greeting Hangul 4 – Exchanging greetings
Introducing yourself
Beginner term 1
8 Lessons 16 Hours

Daily Life 1 Expressing Daily Activities
Shopping Buying things at a store
Asking about the price
Daily Life 2 Talking about past events
Talking about your daily routines
Location Describing locations and buildings
Asking for directions
Giving directions
Food Talking about your favorite things
Ordering food
Suggesting what to eat
Beginner term 2
12 lessons, 24 hours

Appointments Making an appointment
Making a suggestion
Explaining your schedule
Weather Describing the seasons
Describing the weather
Using the weather condition as a reason or an excuse
Weekend activities Discussing about weekend activities and plans
Talking about your experience
Suggesting a weekend activity
Transportation Asking about which transportation to take
Describing the modes of transporation
Telephone Making and answering phone calls
Hobby Talking about hobbies and experiences
Family Introducing family members
Conversing with proper honorifics
In Public Places Speaking with public ettiquette
Sending a letter or package at the post office
Exchanging money and opening an account at a bank
Pharmacy Describing medical symptoms
Understanding how to take medication
Giving simple medical advice
Intermediate term 1
12 lessons, 24 hours

Self-introduction Making an appointment
Introducing yourself in formal and informal settings
Hobby Talking about hobbies
Introducing your hobbies
Weather Talking about the weather
Discussing weather preferences
Understanding the weather forecast
Understanding weather symbols used in broadcasts
Shopping Buying fruits at a store
Buying clothes at a store
Explaining your preferences in clothes
Directions Asking for directions
Explaining how to get to a place
Asking how one is Asking and answering how one is doing
Talking about how one is doing
Appearances, Clothes Describing a person’s physical appearances and clothes
Describing various types of clothings
Intermediate term 2
12 lessons, 24 hours

Transportation Asking and understanding transport information
Explaining transportation methods and transfers
Feeling – Emotions Expressing your feelings and emotions
Giving encouragements
Congratulating someone
Travel Asking for travel information
Talking about your travel experience
Asking a favor Asking a favor
Accepting a request
Refusing a request
Living in Korea Talking about your life in Korea
Talking about your plans and resolutions
City Talking about a city and its characteristics
Treatments Explaining medical symptoms and their causes
Buying medicine
Recommending remedies to someone
Looking for a house Discussing with a property agent
Intermediate term 3
12 lessons, 24 hours

New Year Plans Discussing plans for the new year
Cooking TalkDescribing types of ingredients and foods
Describing types of cooking methods
News, Rumors Presenting what you heard recently
Personality Describing personality traits
Talking about one’s strengths and weaknesses
Daily Etiquette Explaining about public manners
Asking and answering about public ettiquette
Beauty Salon Describing and explaining a hair-style
Suggesting a suitable hair-style
Living in Korea Talking about what is it like to live in Korea
Discussing the pros and cons of living in Korea
Sharing personal stories
Intermediate term 4
12 lessons, 24 hours

Lost Item Describing a lost item at the lost and found office
Dating, Marriage Talking about your dating and marriage criterias
Taking about dating experience
Gift Explaining about gift-giving customs in Korea
Comparing gift-giving customs from different cultures
Incidents, Accidents Explaining the cause of an incident or accident
Explaining the conclusion
Mistake, Regrets Talking about personal mistakes
Talking about regrets
Workplace Stating your criterias for a job
Giving a career advice
Travel Planning Making travel plans
Recommending where to travel
Holidays Greetings on holidays
Explaining holiday traditions
Pre-Advanced term 1
12 lessons 24 hours

People Introducing yourself with your personal background
Filling out your personal details on a form
Weather Talking about how the weather has affected you
Exchange, Refund Getting a refund or an exchange
Explaining the problems in a purchased item
Housekeeping Describing the types of house chores
Making a protest or an excuse
Workplace Understanding instructions given at work
Reporting your work’s current progress and results
Language and Culture Expressing yourself using idioms and proverbs
Stress Explaining the symptoms and causes of stress
Suggesting stress-relief solutions
Reminisce Talking about your past
Talking about a recollection you had through an item or event
Travel Explaining the purpose of your travel and plans
Expressing your feelings about a travel
Marriage Expressing your opinions on marriage
Understanding Korea’s marriage culture
At a Performance Describing types of performances and their features
Giving a review or evaluation of a performance
Education Reading charts and graphs
Reading articles
Citing sources
Pre-Advanced term 2
12 lessons 24 hours

Environment Presenting an environmental problem
Discuss and propose intervention measures and plans
Disasters Discussing the types of catastrophes and disasters
Explaining about the damages
Computer, Internet Giving instructions about computers and the internet
Explaining the problems of using computers and the internet
Sharing your personal experiences
Workplace Understanding instructions given at work
Reporting your work’s current progress and results
Volunteer service Sharing your opinions on volunteer services
Health Discussing about the body and its diseases
Discussing the methods to lead a healthy life
Interview Practicing with interview examples
Introducing yourself
Writing a letter of self-introduction / CV
Practicing the interview
Sports Explaining sports rules and how to play them
Sharing about favourite sports
Discussing about the sports results
Listening to sports news
Korean poems and essays Listening to literature
Understanding connotations or metaphors
Identifying the themes of a literature and reviewing it
Essay writing
Advanced term 1
12 lessons 24 hours

Science Using scientific terms
Explaining about principles of science
City and people Discussing the types of catastrophes and disasters
Discussing about high-standards of living
Economy Talking about Economic life
Discussing about the consumer economy
International Describing various types of culture, race, and religion
Describing the process of globalization
Korea History Explaining the history of Korea and its dynasties
Understanding the cultural features of each dynasty
Korea History Explaining the history of Korea and its dynasties
Discussing the methods to lead a healthy life
About Life Talking about the ups and downs of life
Talking about one’s outlook on life
Korean Behaviors Explaining the cultural backgrounds of the behaviors in Korea
Discussing the pros and cons of these behaviors
South Korea and North Korea Explaining the difference between South Korea and North Korea
Sharing opinions on the unification methods
Advanced term 2
12 lessons 24 hours

Educational Problems Presenting about educational ploblems
Korean novel Reading Korean novels
Sharing a story
Democratization and Industrialization Discussing about the developments of historical events
Explaining their significance
Inventions and discoveries Evaluating the value of inventions and discoveries
Explaining their processes
Pop culture Discussing about popular culture
Analyzing influences from pop culture
Changing Society Analysing the aspects and causes of social issues
Proposing solutions to the issues
World’s Cultural Heritage Introducing about World’s Cultural Heritage sites
Understanding information about the sites given on a tour

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