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Systematic support programs from the government

Compared with English speaking countries (like the UK and the USA) or Japan, Korea has lower tuition fees, living costs and also well-prepared scholarship programs for international students.

  • The Korean government has provided scholarships to 6,556 international students from 148 nations since 1967, and supports approximately 2,000 students annually. Applicants can also search other financial support programs offered through specific universities, foundations and companies.


  • Provide online Korean classes and English medium classes for international students.
  • Apply for government scholarships and general admission to universities online.


If you have any inquiries about studying in Korea, you can consult with the International Student Service Center.

Tel. +82-2-3668-1490(ENG, KOR) , +82-2-3668-1491(CHN, KOR) , +82-2-3668-1491(VNM, RUS, MNG, FRA)