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High life satisfaction reported by international students

With Korea noted as one of the safest countries in the world to study in, the number of international students continues to increase every year. In particular, postgraduate students have risen steadily over the past 5 years. Many Korean universities support scholarship programs for graduate degrees and assist in finding job opportunities in Korean companies and academic positions at universities after graduation.

Safety and Crime Index

Source : www.numbeo.com, 2016

International students in Korea by year

Numbers of international graduate students in Korea
for the last 5 years

Source: Ministry of Education, 2016.

What contributes to the high levels of satisfaction among international students stud Korea?
In a recent survey regarding satisfaction which targeted 300 international students residing in Korea. about 90% of students reported satisfication with living in Korea and 86% of students were satisfied with the education system of Korea.

Are you satisfied aboutKorean education system?

What are the good points for living in korea?

A1) Comfortable and safe transportation system, residential environment.
A2) Various cultural activities.
A3) Socializing with people from different nationalities.
A4) Great Korean food.
A5) Good envitonments and educational quality for studying.
A6) Great weather and nature.
A7) High stantard of living.