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You will probable encounter more people who speak English at the airport than at any other place in Korea. Should you need to speak to someone in Korean, the following are essential words and pharases to help you get to where you need to go.

What is the gate number for this flight?

이 비행기는 몇 번 게이트에서 탑승해요?

Ee bee-hehng gee-neun myuht bbawn gay-ee teu-eh-saw tahp-sseung-heh-yo?

How long has it been delayed?

얼마나 지연됐어요?

Awl-mah-nah jee-yuhn-dweh-ssaw-yo?

The flight number I am taking is not on the screen.

제가 타는 비행기 편명이 전광판에 없어요

Jeh-gah tah-neun bee-hehng-gee pyuhn-myuhng-ee jawn-gwahng-pah-neh awp-ssaw-yo