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Walking trails

Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Korea has four very distinct seasons that offer beautiful views and landscapes.

The mountains, oceans, historic relics and much more will create a pleasant and memorable walking experience.

1. Heaparang Trail 해파랑길

With a total length of 770km, this trail stretches along the entire east coast of South Korea. It offers great coastal views with refreshing sounds of the splashing waves. It is recommended to walk on warm summer days.

Location: Busan,Ulsan,Gyeongsangbuk-do&Gangwon-do
Website: www.heaparang.org

2. Jirisan Dullegil Trail 지리산둘레길

Jirisan is a legendary mountain designated as the first national park of Korea. The trail connects about 120 villages around Jirisan Mountain and travels through various landscapes including villages and forests.

Location: Jeollabuk-do,Jeollanam-do & Gyeongsangnam-do

Website: www.jirisantrail.kr

3. Jeju Olle Trail 제주올레길

This trail circles the entire volcanic island of Jejudo. Due to the island’s unique geography, which includes oreum(volcanic cones) and columnar joints, all 26 courses of the trail are worth walking.
Location: Jejudo Island
Website: www.jejuolle.org

4. Ganghwa Nadeulgil Trail 강화나들길

Comprised of a total of 20 courses, this trail runs along a UNESCO-designated dolmen sites, Ganghwado Island is well-known for mudflats and also as a wintering site for migratory birds.

Location: Ganghwa-gun,Incheon
Website: www.ganghwa.go.kr