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Korean Tourism Organization – Hotline 1330

The Korea Tourism Organization operates the Travel Phone 1330 to provide travel information to tourists home and abroad. Surveys of foreigners visiting Korea revealed that the majority experienced considerable difficulties due to language barriers. The 1330 service has proven very useful in addressing this issue.

Discover KOREA

Discover the Real Seoul

The Discover Seoul Pass is a special tourism pass that allows entry to 21 amazing attractions in Seoul! The pass is the best way for tourists to visit and explore Seoul’s major tourist attractions. The Discover Seoul Pass is available in 24-hour and 48-hour cards. With just one card, tourists can visit 21 attractions, including Korea’s four grand palaces (Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, and Deoksugung). Get discounts from an additional 14 services and attractions with the Discover Seoul Pass! The card also functions as a transit card (Tmoney).


Top Destinations

Visit Seoul’s

Traditional, Cultural, and Hallyu attractions

Historical Attractions
Gyeongbokgung Palace
– Changdeokgung Palace
– Deoksugung
– Jongmyo Shrine
– Seodaemun
Prison History
Cultural Attractions
– Samsung Museum of Art, Leeum
– National Museum of Modern and
Contemporary Art,
– Museum Kimchikan
– Simone Handbag
– Coreana Cosmetics
Amusements of Seoul
– Namsan Seoul
Tower Observatory
– MBC World
– Trick Eye Museum
– Grevin Museum
– Figure Museum W
– Alive Museum
Teddy Bear Theme Park
– Seoul City Tour Bus (Traditional Culture Course only)
Discounted with Pass
– The Painters HERO
– Kum Bak Yeon
– Doota Duty Free
– Fanta-Stick Musical
– Musical Chef
– National Gugak
– Jeongdong Theater (LOTUS)
– ARTEE Riders Club
– Dynamic Maze
– Poopoo Land
– Hello Kitty Island
– Seoul City Tour Bus courses (courses
that depart from

Retail Locations


  • Incheon Airport : KEB Hana Bank currency exchange booths (4 locations), KEB Hana Bank branch (B1 level), CU convenience stores (3 locations)
  • Seoul : Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center (purchases & refunds), the Hongdae branch of KEB Hana Bank, Namdaemun Community Lounge, Seoul City Tour Bus ticket booths (Gwanghwamun Dongwha Duty Free Shop or Dongdaemun Design Plaza DDP), Hongdae Tourist Information Center, Dongdaemun Tourist Information Center, Seoul Station Premium Travel Center, Seocho Tourist Information Center, Mapo Tourist Information Center, Myeong-dong Premium Lounge, Songdo Travel Center.



Seoul Pass, One More Trip, Konest (Japanese, Chinese), Hanchao (Chinese)


Pass Pick Up Locations (for Online Orders)

  • Incheon International Airport: International Taxi information Desk next to Gate 5 (East) / International Taxi information Desk next to Gate 8 (West)
  • Gimpo International Airport: International Taxi information Desk
  • Myeongdong Tourist Information Center


Discover Seoul App

The Discover Seoul Pass App is a free smartphone app with service in 5 languages (Korean, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Japanese). Sync your pass with the app to get useful travel information and see the remaining time on your pass.


  1. Download & Install
    1. Search for “Discover Seoul Pass” and download at the Google Play Store or the App Store
    2. Register the pass by scanning the card’s QR code or by typing in the card’s registration
      number (located below the QR code).
  2. Register the Pass
    The pass is activated when it is used to enter an attraction. See how much time is left on the pass with the app.
  3. Pass Timer