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Let’s make a Gimbap !

4 of November , 2018

iSeodang had a activity to make korean food ‘Gimbap’ with students 🙂

1. Prepare the ingredients

단무지 [Dahn-moo-jee]

오이 [oh-yee]

우엉 [woo-eong]

지단 [jee-dahn]

햄 [haem]

마요참치 [mah-yo-cham-chee]

김치참치 [gim-chee-cham-chee]

제육볶음 [jeh-yuk-bok-kkeum]

2. Make a Gimbap (rolling rice)

Today, we are not korean teachers but a cook! So, let’s make some Gimbap together!! 

with My made ‘Gimbap’   “Cheese~~”wink

Now I’m a cook !! cool

“Gimbap” also smiling ~~~ laughingsmile

The gimbap I made is the most delicious in the world !!!

3. Enjoy a “Gimbap song”  !

This song has been loved by Koreans for a long time. kiss

Let’s enjoy it together !