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Daily Life in Korea (5) –  Cultural Activities


(a) Movies

Koreans love the cinema and this is evident in the number of theaters, large and small, around the city. North American-style multiplexes and small independent theaters provide moviegoer with a variety of options. In general, you need to pay 8,000~15,000KRW for a movie. Online ticketing is available but service is not available in English. Most theaters, if not all, show foreign films with Korean subtitles, but for those interested, there are theaters that show Korean films with English subtitles.

– Busan International Film Festival : http://www.biff.kr/structure/eng/default.asp
– Jeonju Film Festival : http://eng.jiff.or.kr/
– Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival : http://www.bifan.kr/eng/?sc_type=web
– CGV : www.cgv.co.kr
– Lotte Cinema : www.lottecinema.co.kr 
– Mega box : www.megabox.co.kr

(b) Performances and Musicals

Historical records show that drinking, singing, and dancing and just having fun have always been a part of Korean culture. This might help to explain the Korean love for the cultural arts. Various venues exist in Seoul and are mainly used to host large scale performances and events. Some of the annual events and festivals include world renowned artists and performers, and for those involving local artists, subtitles in various languages are provided for foreigners in attendance. Traditionally Daehak-ro in Seoul has a hub for performances, musicals, and opera, but these days, near Chungdam-dong or Apgujeong-dong there are many theaters. Admission fees differ depending on the performances ranging from 15,000 to 100,000won or higher.

– National Theater Association of Korea Inc.(KOR) : http://www.ktheater.or.kr/
– National Theater of Korea : http://www.ntok.go.kr/english/
– Seoul Art Center : http://www.sac.or.kr/eng/
– Seoul Theater Center(KOR) : http://www.e-stc.or.kr/

(c) Museums and Art Galleries

There are plenty of museums and art galleries sponsored by many different organizations, including national and regional organizations, schools, corporations, and individuals. There are various themes, sizes, and types. Therefore, there are many choices. As there are numerous museums and galleries, finding the right information may be difficult, but the following association might be helpful.

– Korean Museum Association : http://www.museum.or.kr TEL : 02-795-0959

  1. Shopping

(a) Street Shopping

If you are the type of person who enjoys wandering hectic streets full of vendors selling anything from food to toys, clothes, accessories, and shoes at discounted prices, Korea is the place to be. Street vendors are ubiquitous in Korea, with some areas housing more than others.

Tip! Cost of living in Korea

(b) Internet Shopping

Internet shopping is very common in Korea as it is very convenient and some goods are a lot cheaper than off-line shops. Consumers should check the conditions and terms when shopping online. Some cheaply priced goods can be of low quality, so lots of browsing and reviewing consumer comments is highly recommended.

  1. Festivals in Korea

Although Korea is small in size, it has many attractions for travellers. With its natural, historical, and cultural sites located around the peninsula, Korea can be an interesting place for adventurous types. There are four distinct seasons and a number of things to see and do with the changing climate. According to personal interests and preferences, travel can be planned. Using a travel agent is also a good idea. If traveling individually is preferred, thorough preparations are essential to fully explore the beauty of Korea and widely enjoy the rich culture. Detailed information can be obtained from the following site:

– Korea Tourism Organization http://visitkorea.or.kr