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The reason why Korean is Easy to learn

1. korean alphabet ‘hangeul 한글’ is phonetic alphabet

Before Hangeul was created Korean use Traditional Chinese Character. And it was very hard to express Korean. 

But now Korean use Hangeul and it is very easy. It’s now like every character has different meaning, just like English, you can sound out words and read or write.

2. there are no gender pronouns


Some languages have their own gender pronouns like French or German but when you speak Korean  you don’t need to be worried about gender

3. korean grammar structure is flexible

If you don’t say some pronouns or particles people can still understand.

For example if you want to say  I am a student .

You can say “저는 학생입니다” or just simply say 



4. if you can’t speak korean at all just use this word. “응”


The meaning of “응” is “yes”

But with many kinds of intonation it can be question, intention, statement or a requirement.

응! 응? 응.