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About iSeodang


Our Past

About iSeodang


During Goryo and Joseon dynasties in Korea, each town had a private educational institution called “Seodang”. Serving as a school that provided fundamental education such as writing, everybody regardless social rank, people in the age of caste society were able to receive education. Later, it even functioned as a university allowing people to explore and discuss academically.

“The Joseon people had their own distinctive alphabets. There were books in every household no matter how poor the families were. Very few were illiterate,” said Jesan Henri Zuber the writer of book, “조선원정기” (Joseon Expedition).

“Seodang” was the cultural centre of the village. The teachers in Seodang who were also the chiefs of the village sometimes assisted the illiterate villagers to write their petitions and stood up for the underprivileged, guiding them to the right path.

Now, iSeodang that is also known as “International Seodang”, aspires to uphold the spirit of Seodang in the early days, serving not only as a language instructor but also a leading cross-cultural hub to assist people who are unfamiliar with Korea.

The Beginning

Founded by a native Korean teacher who has lived in Malaysia for many years, the iSeodang Korean Language Centre aims to impart knowledge via systematic and engaging pedagogy.


iSeodang Korean Language Centre envisions to inspire cultural enrichment through language learning, to stimulate confidence in communicating in a foreign language, and to motivate adventures of lifelong learning.

iSeodang Style

Our uniquely customized curriculum allows swift comprehension of the Korean language whilst keeping in alignment with the structure of the TOPIK exam. By incorporating trends and slangs into the syllabus, we aim to assimilate learners into the Korean culture and society..


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